Wot 9 1 scout matchmaking

No more than 3 SPGs per team If you joined us in the Sandbox, you already know the limit of no more than 3 arty per side balances combat interplay between SPGs and other vehicles. Both stats and feedback show that it injects combat with extra fun and variety, and decreases camping, encouraging more active gameplay.

Wot 9 1 scout matchmaking

Where tanks go to rest. Sunday, 5 May World of tanks 8. T on steroids - same package, but better in every way. The T takes a very strange spot in the Soviet tank tree, actually behaving quite eh Its not a dedicated scout - you get normal matchmaking, facing up to tier 6.

Nor do you get any notable view or radio range. Thus the T is not a scout, but a light tank, and one with a very interesting role.

Wot 9 1 scout matchmaking

In terms of agility the tank is a definite improvement over the T even if it has the same low ground clearance. Its certainly able to circle-shoot a bigger tank in close combat, though of course the average top speed makes it hard to get there, not that you should in the first place unless threatened.

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Armour wise things are a both improved and worsened. You get better side armour, 25mm, aaaand much bigger guns to fear, which laughs at you. The T regularly goes after tier 5 and 6, where the layout of the T is no longer going to protect anyone. The gun is the one that should tell you whats the Ts role.

Wot 9 1 scout matchmaking

Unlike the T, you get 3 crew members, the new addition being a gunner, who'll benefit from the commanders bonus. Basically that means you get one hell of a sniping machine gun - a mini Panther I if you can call it this way.

Thus the T gets to be a veeery strange animal that I would call a sniper light tank. The accuracy, aim time, light tank camo bonuses and large ammo supply shots means that you can provide a lot of fire over long range.

One might say that the sniper role is already taken by the T28 with the 57mm ZiS 4, however keep in mind that the T28 is a glass canon the size of a train car - the T80 is a small, nimble light tank. Only problem of the VT43 is the low damage - 55 points.

Considering that you need to pack some APCR for KV 1s and 2s and tier 6 tanks, that can put a strain on your budget if you are not careful. All things said, I must say I liked the T more than its predecessor, despite the tougher enemies.Matchmaking was among the most problematic and complex elements we addressed in Update , and it’s something we’ll keep an eye on and fine tune moving plombier-nemours.com we rolled out fundamental system improvements, we continued to work on it using a combination of your .

Matchmaking has long been one of the greatest causes of friction between Wargaming and World of Tanks players, the perception being that the formation of teams of individual players doesn’t.

The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

In our example let it be 8 (from 7 to 9 incl.). We present you a very convenient XVM Aslain for World of Tanks Everything is thought out and tastefully done.

World Of Tanks Scout Matchmaking 9 1

If you do not wish to configure XVM, markers, mini-map, and so on, then download and install itself this XVM modification. KursorTV, place for WoT (World of Tanks) tips and tricks, World of Warships, game play, interesting commentary, hardware presentation and general geek stuff.

Tier-4 Lights fighting in Tier-4 battles is a welcome relief from tougher battles. Also, it helps offset the fact that some Tier-4 Lights act as gateways to Tier-5 Meds, and many got awful reputation as “bad tanks” for being there.

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