Who is my audience when writing a letter

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Who is my audience when writing a letter

Identify Your Audience In Letters In a letter it is pretty easy to identify who your audience is; it is usually the person you are writing to. However, you must also consider any additional readers. For instance, if you write to a member of congress about a constituent problem, the office of the member of congress may attach a cover letter and send it on to the constituent without any further explanation.

Therefore, you must write so that both audiences understand your letter. Identifying your audience should do more than just cause you to make sure the terms you use are clear. You should do this by thinking about what your reader knows about the situation now. Then think about how to guide them from their current knowledge base to what you need them to know.

Take some time, before you start to write, to think about what the reader will need to know. To help you do this, try answering the following questions-- Who is the reader? Is there a secondary reader we need to give information?

What does the reader s already know about the subject?

who is my audience when writing a letter

What questions will the reader s have? What do I need to say to get this outcome?My main source of income is through technical writing, where the audience is absolutely key.

who is my audience when writing a letter

An understanding of how your reader will look at and interpret the information you’re supplying has to be built-in from the start. Remember, in writing, the audience is who you are writing for. If you know who you are writing for, you can make good decisions about what information to include, as well as your tone and language.

An audience-centered business letter has a primary audience the letter aims at. Typical target audiences include fellow businessmen, employees, and clients. The primary audience serves as the main focus the writer must take into account when considering issues such as tone, length, and technical word usage.

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