What if toys could talk essay for kids

Contact Author What if Toys could Speak Imagine a dark night, you sleep in your room, the door creaks, the windows are affected because the wind howls and the teddy bear suddenly asks:

What if toys could talk essay for kids

Both stages of life are a time of significant developmental change.

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Toddlers and teens alike experience significant body and mind development that can have them behaving in ways you have never seen. But the thing is, that is what they need from us most of all; to understand.

Imagine if your son came home from school after spending the day coping with peers calling him names and throwing his back pack on the toilet block roof. Imagine then if he were to say nothing to you about it but instead went straight to his room.

Would you want to have the opportunity to talk to him about it? How about if your daughter was struggling with her peers pressuring her to take drugs, would you want to know?

If your daughter fell pregnant and was frightened about the huge choices she would soon be making, would you want her to be able to come to you for help? Responding to these questions is confronting and uncomfortable. We would all like to pray and hope that our children will never find themselves in these situations but we would be naive to think that our children are completely immune from the perils of adolescence.

In my time as a health and physical education teacher I have been privileged to teach, mentor and guide students through their teen years in many differing ways and in a number of roles. Of course, teaching these students was my primary role and I really enjoyed that aspect of my job, but what if I told you that each of the students in the scenarios above chose not to talk to their parents?

What if I told you that in each of the cases, the only person they felt they could talk to was me — their teacher?

Why Teenagers Don't Talk to Their Parents and What you can do About it Now With Your Toddler

I have since lost count of the number of students that, burdened with what must have felt like the weight of the world, broke down during a conversation after class and confided in me. From friendship issues to relationship concerns, pregnancy scares and drug experiences, these students spoke of their fears, their regrets and their inability to find their way past it.

There were, of course, times where I was legally obliged to report their stories to my superiors and from there the children had access to the professional support they needed. But many times these children simply needed a shoulder cry on; someone to hear them and to understand.

So where did their relationship break down? When did it get to the point that these children no longer felt comfortable talking to their parents about their deepest fears, their hurts and their pain?

What if toys could talk essay for kids

When did their problems get so big that they felt the only person they could trust to talk to about them was their school teacher? Well, I can tell you honestly that in most cases it was not because these parents were uncaring, unloving or bad parents.


In most cases it was quite the opposite. These were in fact, strong, capable, got-it-together parents who would do anything for their children and raised them to have good morals and high values. They were adoring and hard-working and would consider themselves great role-models for their children.

Many of them were high achievers, diligent, popular and outwardly happy.Will told me that the best way to buy a house here is to find one you like and then figure out who owns it. He had lived in Detroit a decade before, but moved out to travel the country.

The logistics become extremely difficult.

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Grade 4 Imaginative Essay What If Toys Could Talk. Skills Grammar, spelling and punctuation Accurate and visual presentation Adjectives Practice Essay writing.

What if toys could talk essay for kids
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