The men master thesis informatik

Stuckenschmidt offers topics from the areas listed in the following. For the other chairs of the DWS group a selection of concrete topics are presented below. Smart Process Technologies Today the majority of data available is produced by processes in terms of log files from software systems and readings from sensors that are observing processes in the physical world.

The men master thesis informatik

Year Brunn, Malte: Year Ableitner, Tobias: Barrierefreies Smarthome, Master Thesis No. Al-Maamari, Tareq Ahmed Ali: Bracamontes Hernandez, Luis Manuel: Goal-driven Context-sensitive Production Processes: Mohamed, Sherif Yassin Mostafa: Year Bannikov, Artem: Franco Salazar, Carlos Alberto: Franco da Silva, Ana Cristina: Year Afzal, Muhammad: Optimizing the Resource utilization of Enterprise Content management workloads through measured performance baselines and dynamic topology adaptation, Master Thesis No.

Year Abdelrahman, Yomna: Alexander, John; Vega, Velandia: Conceptualization and implementation of a prototype for realistic simulation of vehicles, Master Thesis No. Year Abdallah lssa, Salama: Development of procedures and evaluation strategies for novel field-effect transistor sensors, Master Thesis No.

the men master thesis informatik

Year Ahmed, Silvia: Reliability Solutions for a Smart digital Factory using: Parallel architectural design space exploration for real-time image compression, Master Thesis No. Mohamed, Salem El Sayed: Development of a decision support system for dynamic evacuation route planning, Master Thesis No.

Design and development of a localization system for a sensor network in collective symbiotic organisms, Master Thesis No. Year Dallou, Tamer: Martin, Juan Jose Sanz: Recognition of motion patterns based on mobile device sensor data, Master Thesis No.

Hardware-accelerated continuous particle image velocimetry based on reconfigurable logic, Master Thesis No. Year Cook, Alejandro: Implementation and access optimization of a database containing 3D laser scanned objects, Master Thesis No.

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Year Saez, Pablo Toledano: Architecture, Master Thesis No. Year Kasimoglu, Ozan: · Bachelor- / Master- Theses If you are looking for a regular research position as Student Assistant, PhD Student or Post-doc, then please check our Open Positions page.

the men master thesis informatik

Please check also the CASED listing for other student projects and /bachelormaster-theses. · master level. We believe that, although it seems to be very hard to develop programs that play chess using the H.J.

van den Herik, my thesis supervisor, a specialist in the research field of computer chess, for the stimulating way he critically followed and corrected the project. Both players have 21 identical men.

In the /DSL/  · The structure of the master thesis is predetermined.

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The table of contents is followed by the introduction and the main part, which can vary according to the content. The master thesis ends with the bibliography (compulsory) and the appendix (optional).

Cover Thesis Information. The master’s thesis involves focused research on a specific topic for six months or less. By the time you complete your thesis, you should be able to show an understanding of the concepts that you researched and their /masters-programs/informatics/ Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik Institut für Informatik Lehrstuhl für Informatik III Lehre Abschlussarbeiten.

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Sommer, M.: Implementation of a Fuzzing Framework for SDN Security Analysis, () /masterthesis. A master thesis should range between 50 and 80 pages (excluding appendix, toc, and lists of figures/tables, references) depending on the complexity of the subject.

A bachelor thesis should range between 30 and 40 pages (excluding appendix, toc, and lists of figures/tables, references) depending on the complexity of the

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