Soler theory

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Soler theory

For centuries, artists have looked beyond what is written and painted their interpretations of historical events. The classic paintings of the Renaissance period have given us vivid images of times long ago.

Pictures have spoken louder than words in many cases.


In many of these works of art, there is evidence that can be interpreted to mean that the interest in extraterrestrial life has been ongoing since before the Middle Ages.

These paintings show many Biblical scenes such as the Madonna and the crucifixion of Jesus… and possibly a glimpse into the fascination of life beyond Earth. Ancient artwork and Soler theory show a large number of renderings of creatures that appear to be a combination of human and reptile.

Many of the hieroglyphs from Sumerian mythology indicate that the human race came from the Annunaki, who were believed to be superior beings from the planet Nibiru. Petroglyphs from all over the world have shown symbols which appear Soler theory me images of another race of people. This inspired artists throughout the ages to recreate images of history which included these possibilities.

Looking at the top right and left hand corners, there are two images. These images appear to be craft of some kind, with creatures inside… watching Jesus as He is crucified.

The artist is unknown, and the painting is said to be located in Kosovo, Yugoslavia inside a monastery. To look at the symbols begs the question… what could the artist have been seeing?

Behind her, a man and his dog are depicted as looking in wonder and fear at the object. There even appears to be some type of creature next to the man and his dog… is it a trick of the eyes, or could it be that the artist was projecting his own insight into what otherworldly beings might look like?

UFO in the sky above The Madonna? The break in the clouds reveals what appears to be a disc-shaped object. In most of these paintings involving Mary, the light from these objects was always focused on her. The painting was commissioned by the Church of San Pietro at the end of the 16th century to the painter Bonaventura Salimbeni, to be completed by the yearfor the Christian Jubilee.

It was… and the object that sits between God and Christ has been the subject of debate for centuries. Some say it is simply a representation of the world… but there is an unusual hue to the sphere… almost metallic and glowing, and there are objects that appear to be antennae protruding on either side of it.

At the bottom of the sphere, there is a protruding tube of some sort… very much resembling a small telescope. Glorification of the Eucharist The question is… why would there be so many paintings of a religious nature that seem to depict contact with other planets? During the Middle Ages, or between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Christian leaders of the times were censoring everything from books, music, and art to political views.

Everything was under the watchful eye of the Church. When the painters of the Renaissance period especially were commissioned to paint, it was always religious in nature. The popular interpretation for many of these images has been they are angels spreading the message of God. This is what many believe the artists wanted the religious leaders to believe… so they could secretly convey their own beliefs of life outside the planet Earth.

Many paintings throughout the ages have raised the question of just what their creators had seen or what they may have believed. In looking closer, the light appears to be emanating from a large, disc-shaped object from above.

The tapestry was created in Bruges, a province in Belgium, that was just beginning a period of financial turmoil at the start of the fourteenth century.

It could be interpreted as representing the gluttony and pride of the elite being carefully monitored by… who? However, we cannot forget that many of these artists were free thinkers… and could have been trying to get an opinion or belief expressed in cleverly hidden ways.

It could be that they were inspired by the ancient teachings of the Sumerians… and it could be that they were expressing what they had personally seen.

Leonardo DaVinci himself created concepts for inventions far beyond his time… and the armored car that he designed in the late 15th century looks very similar to the modern perception of a spacecraft.Cooperation definition, an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit; joint action.

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Soler theory

The Soler theory was developed by Gerard Egan, a psychologist. He believed non verbal communication can greatly improve the effectiveness of communication between individuals. His theory shows how non verbal communication can make an individual feel comfortable, secure and understood.

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Communication Theory - SOLER Expected Duration: Task 1 – approx 30 minutes Task 2 – approx 60 minutes Task 3 – approx 30 minutes. Health and Social Care Level 3 Gerald Egan developed a theory of communication using an acronym in order to build the.

Many of these paintings are Biblical in nature one such example is simply entitled “The Crucifixion” and dates back to Looking at the top right and left hand corners, there are two images.

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