Project paper 1

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Project paper 1

Focus should be on the following: Why is your work important?

Project paper 1

What are the implications of your study? How does it link to other knowledge? How does it Project paper 1 policy making?

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Writing Chapter 1 of Project Paper There is no issue choosing a simple project topic; the only problem is your ability to choose a good project or research topic that your supervisor will easily approve for you. Most project supervisors really want to see how good his or her project student understands his or her surrounding through the kind of topic he or she chooses for their project work.

What new perspective does your study bring to the field? Who would you share your findings with when the study is completed?

Paper Signals: A Voice Experiment

Begin with a general contribution of your study and then proceed towards its contribution to individuals such as practionners such as teachers, managersparents, administrators, policy planners and so forth.

You have to mention them because they may influence the results of your study. Some researchers are reluctant to write about the limitations of their study because they feel it weakens their study and points out the flaws of the study. However, it should be pointed out that most studies especially in behavioural and social sciences have limitations and it is better to indicate upfront to the reader.

You stipulate the limitations but show why the results or findings of your study are still important or significant. The following are some possible limitations in a study: Sampling - for example you did not use random sampling and instead used intact classes which may significantly limit your ability to make broader generalisations from the results.

However, the degree to which this reduces the quality of our findings is a matter of debate. Duration of the Treatment - for example, if you were conducting an experiment and administering a treatment or intervention on speaking skills, you may state as follows; It would be better if it was done over a longer period of time".

Researcher Conducting the Study - "Since the assessment of the pretest and post test was conducted by the researcher, it is possible that a certain degree of subjectivity may be found.


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