Marketing review essay

Pay only for approved parts Marketing Strategy Essay: A nice packaging, attractive promotion or even a lower price of competitors cannot replace quality. The successful marketing strategy is the one that has all elements balanced. This is the only way to attract customers and hold them in a long-run.

Marketing review essay

An industry is a customer-satisfying process, not a goods-producing process.

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The article is as much about strategy as it is about marketing, but it also introduced the most influential marketing idea of the past half century: It highlights the importance of cross-fertilization ideas and innovative marketing strategies.

Marketing Myopia can be classified along two-dimensions: Firms with a single-industry perspective are preoccupied with the actions and reactions of immediate competitors.

Firms with a multi-industry perspective, on the other hand, have a broader outlook of the market. Railroading Marketing review essay, Levitt said, because railroaders thought their job was to be railroaders, to run trains.

They failed to realize they were in the transportation business. Or, perhaps more correctly, their industry was, as we say today, a logistics service involved in supply chain management. The article goes on to talk about one portion of the rail network increasingly recognized as not being myopic: Sinceshortlines and regionals have demonstrated that they are in the transportation or logistics business; they know they cannot survive with the mentality of simply running trains.

The article analyzes the example of June when Penn Central ran out of money and launched the largest bankruptcy case in US history. Reducing Marketing Myopia Futuristics is the study of the future.

Marketing review essay

Marketing is one discipline which can benefit greatly from futuristics. Futuristics can be used to generate new product ideas. Also, a market planner with a solid knowledge of futuristics and prepare more useful marketing plans than one without this knowledge. After all, every firm can be affected by some change in its technological, economic, sociological, cultural, legal, political, or competitive environment.

At the very least, futuristics encourages a future orientation. Marketing myopia occurs not only when a firm defines itself too narrowly — that is, in terms of what it produces rather than the need it satisfies-but also when a firm persists in being present-oriented.

Firms that are not cognizant of the changes and threats the future might bring may find themselves in danger of early obsolescence.

The railroads, which Levitt accused of suffering from marketing myopia, suffered from future myopia as well. The railroads refused to believe that the future might bring a superior means of moving people and freight and consequently were unprepared for the onslaught of the automobile, truck, and airplane.

The author believes that the high rate of product failure, which for some product categories may be as high as 80 percent, may be due to future myopia, the inability or refusal of a firm to forecast the future.

Consequently, products are introduced in a business environment which may be very different from the one anticipated by the firm.

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Small wonder that many products are doomed to failure. Every firm should have at least one planner who is very future oriented. More famously, the article argued that top management suffers from marketing myopia. Senior executives focus on the products their company produces, not the customer needs they serve, and consequently tend to define the business too narrowly — railroads instead of transport, movies instead of entertainment, oil instead of energy, buggy whips instead of sex toys.

Such short-sightedness, he went on, begets blindness, and blindness begets extinction. Only customer orientation can save the day. That is, their publications. The question, nevertheless, must be asked:Literature Review on Marketing This part of the thesis deals with the research and critical comments on various literatures related with the marketing activities that can be implemented by a firm to improve their business performance.

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The Role of a Quality of the Product in the Marketing Strategy.

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If the product is of low quality, all marketing efforts will fail. A nice packaging, attractive promotion or even a lower price of competitors cannot replace quality.

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