Data acquisition system

Portable Data Acquisition Systems Bluetooth wireless transmitters that connect with smart phones or tablets to log and monitor and record measurements, turning mobile devices into portable data acquisition systems. These transmitters measure different sensor inputs, including but not limited to pH, RTD, relative humidity. The data transmission is performed via Bluetooth wireless technology to a smart phone or tablet with the app installed.

Data acquisition system

Dependent upon a PC to acquire data, PC-connected instruments usually share these common traits: Faster sampling speeds Provided with software that delivers PC-based storage and a real time display of acquire data.

Sometimes powered directly from the PC, or supplied with an external power supply Stand-alone Data Acquisition Beyond their ability to operate independently, stand-alone data acquisition products usually share a number of common traits: The ability to support removable memory devices like SD memory cards Often, but not always slower sampling rates than PC-connected data acquisition products Often DC-powered devices for deployment flexibility Interfaces PC-connected Data Acquisition Interfaces Data acquisition products that need a PC to acquire data must connect to them in some manner.

This is done through standard interfaces, which are found on all PCs. The most common are: USB Ethernet Stand-alone Data Acquisition Interfaces Even though they operate without a connected PC, stand-alone data acquisition products need to be programmed to define how data is logged.

Common ways to connect are the same as PC-connected products: SD memory Software All data acquisition products offer PC software solutions that can adapt to the demands of any application. These assume three forms that address the broad base of software approaches: Ready-to-run data acquisition software offers a no-programming environment to acquire, display, record, analyze and export data to other applications.

Software that supports programming languages like VB, and Dot Net under a Windows operating system environment.

Protocol-level support that allows root access to a given device's command set from any programming language or operating system.The data acquisition process, or DAQ, involves converting physical data into a unified form, which has digital numeric values.

The conversion is necessary so that the data can be manipulated by a computer and used for applications such as research and processing.

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A Data Acquisition System chassis The Fluke A Data Acquisition System is the choice for multi-channel applications requiring reliable Ethernet communications.

It features a front-end style data acquisition system that communicates and distributes data anywhere you need it to go. Data Acquisition Systems ranging from standard to complete solutions. Wide range of applications including data recording, process monitoring, test stand automation, vibration and condition monitoring and more.

Whether your requirements to measurement and testing systems are simple or complex, we have a system to fit your needs. In order to.

Data acquisition system