Corporate finance homework chapter 4

Monday, February 19, Chapter 4 Homework 1. What learning condition do you think is most necessary for learning to occur?

Corporate finance homework chapter 4

Brian November 28, at Levatich, My name is Brian Stone. Unfortunately the dealership did close but my time and experience was enjoyable. I am writing about a problem I am having with the Harley Davidson customer service department that has been needlessly dragging on for several months because not one person I have spoken with is willing to make a proper decision.

I am sure once I explain the situation to you and everything I have done in good faith and at the request of Harley tech support you will agree that my request was not and is not unreasonable and there was no reason for this to reach your desk.

There is a significant amount information to put out but I will try to be as brief as possible without losing any necessary content. The Reference number for the case Corporate finance homework chapter 4 If you or a member of your executive team would like to contact me to discuss this in greater detail I can be reached anytime at I would welcome the opportunity to share a more detailed explanation with you and your staff so that we could prevent this situation from happening to anyone else and your customer care team can be enlightened as to how to handle situations on an individual basis.

Not every situation is black and white, each has its own unique cirXXXXstances that may require thinking outside of any box or prescripted instruction manual.

I mention that for 2 reasons. I am in customer care in a more serious way. I am law enforcement and deal with all kinds of complaints on a daily basis. Are there rules and laws? Absolutely, but sometimes an extenuating cirXXXXstance allows me to bend or break the rules and that is what should have been done here.

Simple example, I stop someone for speeding only to discover a woman in distress about to give birth and her husband trying to get to the hospital. Do I write a speeding ticket? As long as I can articulate to my boss why I bent the rules its acceptable. Im sure you see my point.

So let me begin with the reason for this letter.


Over the last several years I have spent over k on Harley motorcycles and accessories. In August ofI purchased the Sena 20S blue tooth headset and all necessary parts for the installation Pn: I was told by the parts counter that once the module and harness were installed you had the option of using either the wired or wireless connection.

That would have been perfect for me since I have 2 helmets for both myself and my wife. Though I could obviously have done the install myself I do not yet have a digital tech to activate the product so I let the dealer install it and activate the accessory.

On the first road trip out with the HOG group I ride with I was able to hear everyone but nobody was able to hear me. I did have my second helmet in the tour pack with the wired connection and tried to go back to that helmet for the rest of the trip.

I could hear everyone but could not transmit out. I returned to the dealer and they checked everything with the digital tech to confirm everything was properly activated.

They did find they had not correctly activated the blue tooth. Once properly activated I went out and tried the wireless connection again.

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We then tried the wired connection but found it would not work. Since it was a Saturday they could not call tech support so I went home and returned on Tuesday because the dealer is closed on Mondays. The dealer called tech supt. They kept the bike for 3 days playing with both the wired and wireless head set.

I had to take an uber home that day. After 3 days I was told to come get the bike and tech supt would do more research and get back to us. Time for an uber back to the dealer. It was at that time I started checking with other dealers to see if anyone could give me more information about the product.Chapter 5 Question 3 2 / 2 pts (TCO 4) A group of businesswomen meet on a monthly basis to assist one another in advancing their careers.

They give each other job leads and advice. This group is an example of _____. FUNDAMENTALS OF CORPORATE FINANCE Stephen A. Ross Massachusetts Institute of Technology McGraw-Hill Irwin.

CHAPTER! INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE 1 Corporate Finance and the Financial Manager 2 What Is Corporate Finance? 2 The Financial Manager 2 Financial Management Decisions 2 Capital Budgeting 2 CHAPTER 4 LONG-TERM FINANCIAL. Access Corporate Finance 10th Edition Chapter 4 solutions now.

Our solutions are written by Chegg experts so you can be assured of the highest quality! Corporate finance is the study of a business's money-related decisions, which are essentially all of a business's decisions. Despite its name, corporate finance applies to all businesses, not just.

Chapter 5 corporate finance week 2 - 1. (Bond valuation) Michael Motors’ bonds have 10 years remaining to maturity.

Corporate finance homework chapter 4

Interest is paid annually, the bonds have a $ par value and the coupon interest rate is 8 percent. Chapter 10 Homework - Risk & Return r=/ or or % Questions?

Artithmetic average is the average of each years return. Geometric average is the root of the product of each years return.

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