Benzodiazepines downers essay

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Benzodiazepines downers essay

A barbiturate may be prescribed for a variety of reasons, the list is extensive, but the most common use today is as an anesthesia for surgery. This form is hardly ever abused because they cause almost immediate unconsciousness.

However, other forms like Phenobarbital are used in treating various seizure disorders as an anticonvulsant. Other uses of this form of barbiturate along with mephobarbital include treating anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and delirium tremens.

How Do Barbiturates Affect the Body? Barbiturates typically produce pleasant effects in the body such as reduced tension and calm. High doses can result in anesthesia or drowsiness. However, use over a prolonged period of time can cause you to build up a tolerance to the drug and require higher doses in order to achieve the same sort of effects.

And while this drug may be prescribed by a doctor, it is still very possible to become addicted. When used regularly, Benzodiazepines downers essay doctor may prescribe a higher dose in order to help you achieve the same feelings once a tolerance begins to develop.

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However, this can result in dependence and both a psychological and physical addiction to the substance. Once addicted, a user of barbiturates will often seek out the drug to obtain the same kind of high as achieved before. However, doing this requires more and more of the drug. And this is where things get dangerous, because the higher the dose of the barbiturate you take, the more likely it is that you will overdose.

Barbiturate addicts abuse the drug to feel an extreme calm and contentedness. However, when "high" on this drug, you will experience many different symptoms including respiratory depression, low blood pressure, fever, confusion, impaired judgment, sedation and fatigue.

How Are Barbiturates Dangerous? Unfortunately, abuse of this substance could lead to respiratory arrest, one of the primary causes of death in barbiturate abusers.

Overdose symptoms include confusion, slurred speech, drowsiness, and fatigue and may even result in coma or death. If the drug is stopped suddenly, there is a high risk for withdrawal symptoms, which are very uncomfortable and even painful.

Stopping use of barbiturates is not something to be taken lightly. And one important thing to remember is that it's not a wise idea to try to go it alone. With the high number and severity of withdrawal symptoms associated with these drugs, it is best you detox and recover in a drug treatment program.

Then, once you get soberyou can participate in a sober living program to help keep you off the drugs. Barbiturates do have legitimate medical uses but they are very easy to abuse, making them a rather dangerous substance, especially when you consider they are sometimes used to euthanize animals.

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Teen drug use is on the rise, and powerful drugs are more accessible to teens then ever before. Kids don’t always make the right decisions, and the wrong decision with drugs can lead to addiction and even permanent brain damage. Uppers, Downers, All Arounders, 7th Edition – Instructors Manual This edition incorporates the most current and comprehensive information on the physiology, neurochemistry and sociology of drugs in to one of the best test/reference books on the subject.

A Galaxy of Downers. I could write a comprehensive guidebook to sleeping pills. First, the nonprescription stuff. Melatonin supplements I have found largely ineffectual. These drugs are also called “downers” because they slow the body down and seem to give feelings of relaxation.

Depressants are available as prescription drugs to relieve stress and anger, although drowsiness is often a side effect.

Minor tranquillisers. Depressant – any sedative-hypnotic drug primarily for use in the treatment of anxiety. A general term that covers prescription drugs in the benzodiazepine class.

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Benzodiazepines downers essay

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